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Monday, 16 June 2014


After  sorting piles of work in the office and am on my way home.I noticed that i cannot use my usual footpath just because its flooded,this prompts the question,Who is responsible?

Almost filled with rage i start counting how the Nairobi City Council is failing us.Looking keenly into the drainage system ,it has been turned into a dumping sight as it is clogged with polythene bags and grime that sewerage was now leaking on the footpaths.Not before i lift my head than someone throws into the drainage remnants of banana pills in a polythene bag.The lady walks as if nothing happened and satisfied with her deed.A young man who looks like a student drops an empty water bottle into the same drainage.

This made me wonder of how ignorant we can be that we fail to count how our little negative actions bulk and culminate into distraction and disaster.We are the ones who litter and clog our drainage systems and in return we suffer and blame others.
Clogged drainage system.

If only the Kenyan citizens loved the very environment they live in,they could be responsible to keep it clean.Take a case where after taking chocolate,biscuits or whatever that was wrapped and keep the wrapper so that we dispose it appropriately  then papers would not  be blocking our drainage systems.This would mean that there would be no floods that we have to avoid certain routes,waterborne diseases would be forgotten and death of plants around us could be history.

It is all about having a sense of responsibility,i believe as sophisticated as we tend to put ourselves,we can adapt simple habits that would do greater good.

As we take the initiative as individuals to keep our environment clean;the government should not lag behind. Non Governmental Organizations such as NEMA should also embark on result based campaigns to create awareness that we are creating our own problems.

Personal attributes such as self-discipline and accountability should also be exercised if att al we are to succeed in our against pollution-Whatever form of pollution.

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